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Articles Mentioning Gemvara
Gemvara is a Boston, Massachusetts based custom jeweler who pride themselves on providing the highest quality and most pristine jewelry pieces for every special occasion. Although Gemvara is more expensive than their competitors, the entire experience from start to finish is unparalleled. Their collection is eclectic, classic, and traditional, and every piece can be completely changed and altered according to your liking. Competing sites like Zales and Kay offer an enormous collection of already made, traditional designs, but let's face it, some of us are non traditional and we want to celebrate our special moments with a piece that no one else has. Gemvara allows us to do this and stay true to our own unique style. You are your own jewelry maker at Gemvara. You make it personal by selecting the center and accent gems of rings, the precious metals, and the accessories like earring backs and chains. You can also choose from a large range of gem sizes. more
While many jewelry sites offer personalization services, which entails engraving initials and special messages, very few sites actually offer customized jewelry pieces. For those sites that do offer customization services, they are often limited by the pieces they carry, the cut and color, the style, and often the selection of choices. Jewelry stores like Zales, Gemvara, and Kay have now revolutionized the way we buy jewelry. There's no such thing as settling for what we like, but creating something we love, and can't live without. Now all of use can be professional jewelry makers as we create and personalize cuts of diamonds and gems, color and clarity, and style. more
Gemvara Consumer Q&A
Gemvara makes its company headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.  more
Gemvara does not offer a mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android, at this time.  However, they do provide a wishlist you can create or from which you can utilize and purchase gifts for another.  more
Gemvara Overview
Gemvara is an innovative jeweler that makes unique pieces of jewelry for each of their clients. These are examples of the type of pieces that they offer: Citrine 14k white gold earrings Sterling silver open heart necklaces that are ideal for someone new in your life The precious metals that they use include: Rose gold Platinum Palladium Yellow gold White gold Sterling silver more
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